Motherhoody is being commissioned as part of The Albany's REBELS, a season about politics, protest, breaking the mould and celebrating difference.


Anna-Maria and Jess are two women in their 30s facing a reproductive precipice; to try to become mothers or not?

The world tells us a lot of things about motherhood. But we don’t think we can trust the world anymore.

We want to talk directly to the people that matter: YOU

JOIN US: Women Wanted

We want to make space for female stories, Mothers, Mamas and Ma’s. Women with wombs, Women without wombs, Women who have had their wombs removed. Earth Mothers, Urban Mothers, Career Mothers, Mothers-To-Be and Childless Mothers. Women who don’t want to be mothers, Who can’t be Mothers, Women who decided not be Mothers. Village Mothers, Foster Mothers, Adoptive Mothers, Newbie Mothers, Old Time Mothers, Resentful Mothers, Happy Mothers, Sad Mothers, Tired Mothers, Mothers who don’t want to be referred to only as Mothers.

Free Workshop

Join us for a one-day workshop of space-making, story-sharing and listening.

Sunday 12th May or Sunday 19th May 2019

11:30am to 4:30pm

No Barriers

There will be free crèche facilities available - booking essential.

If you require support to cover the cost of travel and/or lunch in order to attend, please let us know when booking.

Let’s smash it all open.

Start a conversation.

Interrogate the language.

The expectations.

Let’s listen, share and validate.