“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy...” 

I was fortunate enough to be accepted onto Lisa Wolpe's TranShakespeare workshop in association with The Young Vic, Kings College and The Gap Salon.  Lisa Wolpe is an actor, director, teacher, producer and activist. Working to create more space on stage for women, trans' actors and ethnic minorities. She founded Los Angeles Women's Shakespeare Company, an award-winning all-female, multi-cultural theatre company in 1993.

Whilst on a world tour of her one woman show "Shakespeare and The Alchemy of Gender" together with Master voice tutor Christine Adaire and Acting coach Daron Oram we embarked on a week exploration of gender swapped Shakespeare. I took on the role of Hamlet alongside actor Giovanni Bienne playing Ophelia. The result was a thrilling exploration of character and new perspectives of playing Shakespeare.  Plus the new ambition of taking on Hamlet in its entirety!!!

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