Noor Afshan Mirza & Brad Butler: Museum of Non Participation

I have been working with artists Noor Afshan Mirza and Brad Butler, their work is a "multi-layered practice consisting of filmmaking, drawing, installation, performance and curating".  Since 2012 I have been collaborating on a series of work that is part of a bigger piece titled "The Museum of Non Participation". 

The scar

Opened Home, Manchester. Currently at The Delfina Foundation, London

The Scar is an immersive five-screen fiction-film installation in three chapters, inspired by a true event with names, scenes and locations having been fictionalised through the use of Magical Realism.

I worked as co-performance director with Noor & Brad on The Scar, their latest work.

“Inhaling patriarchy and exhaling wo(fem)inism, The Scar has definitely been the most ambitious, challenging and inspiring project for me as an artist.”
– Noor Afshan Mirza

Everything for Everyone and Nothing for Us

Part of MIRRORCITY at the Hayward Gallery 2014

"Everything for Everyone and Nothing for Us is set in a TV studio, where a protester-in-training listens to audio extracts from a political speech by Margaret Thatcher. Having absorbed the sounds, the protester uses movement to exorcise Thatcher’s voice, retraining the body to resist capitalism."

Deep State

Nominated for the Jarman Award 2012. Commissioned by Film & Video Umbrella. Funded by Arts Council England and London Councils.

"Deep State is a science fiction inflected protest "training film" made in collaboration with author China Miévillewhich takes as its starting points different moments of political struggle, informed particularly by current revolutionary processes taking place in Egypt and close collaboration with the Cairo media collective Mosireen." 

To watch the full film and find our more about the piece click here.

Hold Your Ground

Commissioned by Film & Video Umbrella for Films on The Underground Canary Wharf.

More information can be found here 

Hold Your Ground is a companion piece to a larger film work by Noor Afshan Mirza & Brad Butler, scripted in conjunction with the author China Miéville. Inspired by the events of the Arab Spring, and triggered by the artists’ discovery in Cairo of a pamphlet of instructions for pro-democracy demonstrators, called ‘How to Protest Intelligently’, the piece dissects the ‘semantics’ of the crowd, and the resulting performative ‘speech act’. Conceived for the site at Canary Wharf, this work calls forth the struggle to turn ‘fugitive sounds’ into speech, addressing an audience predominantly in transit.