in a bid to tell the most necessary stories I have started collaborating with other creatives to bring those voices to the forefront through the medium of film

Most recently my creative exploration has lead me to film-making. I am currently working on writing two dramas one for television and the other for cinema. These are both large projects that I, at present am not ready to bring to reality. On my journey to these larger projects I am writing, directing and producing short film  No word for Pier in Lusoga (Completed 2018) Brutal (now in post production) and my current project Double Denim (in development).

My film work has also lead me into the world of art film and I have been collaborating with Noor Afshan Mirza and Brad Butler on a number of pieces. Most recent is The Scar commissioned by FLAMIN Productions through FILM LONDON Artists’ Moving Image Network with funding from Arts Council England in partnership with HOME &, click here for more details.

No word for pier in Lusoga: SHORT FILM 2018 

Written & directed by Anna-Maria nabirye


DOP: Archie Lauchlan, Sound Design: Sounding Off UK, Sound Recordist: Tony Fox


Written and developed for the De La Warr Pavillion, Grundy Art Gallery and Berwick Visual Arts Pier Film Challenge. In response to a sculpture of an idea of a pier by Roy Voss. An open invitation to create a film based on the idea of 'Your Idea of a Pier'. 


For me My idea of a Pier is:

an out stretched hand to nature. It’s wood and metal and rust. It’s improbable. Vulnerable. Not suited to its surroundings. It’s a risk. It’s summer lounging and views to turquoise seas. It’s olden days and long summer nights. It’s romance. And solitude. It’s a beacon calling me every time I leave my house. It’s history and Hendrix and rock and roll. It’s cream teas and ice creams and fish and chips. It’s jazz on a Sunday with friends no longer here. It’s downward dog and warrior pose. It’s so so so very very British. I asked my mum what the word in Lusuga for pier is? Lusuga is my ancestral language from Uganda. She said there is no translation. It’s looking, looking, looking out and seeing, seeing sky and sea and birds and life and perspective. It’s big and strong and spinderly. It ash and tar and burn marks. It’s photo booths. Memories made Memories forgotten.

It’s a long inhale, then a long exhale.

Status: Completed 2018.


Written & Produced Anna-Maria nabirye


Director/co-producer: Emma Jane Richards, DOP: Ian Anderson, Sound:Doug Templeton


As an actor and writer living in London, I have been finding cheaper ways to live in this city, so that I can spend more time working on my craft. This is how I found the property guardian concept. I have been doing it now for over 4 years and it has lead me to live across the city from Bounds Green to Hoxton. Though the landscapes of the areas change vastly, what remains the same is the strange halfway feeling of being a Guardian of a dying building. I have entered communities at various stages of this death or reincarnation, and observed both the old slipping away and the new rapidly marching forth.


Brutal is the personification of the gentrification of inner city London. A woman walks out on her life and partner in a bid to find something better, leaving no explanation or clues to those she left behind. Her discovery becomes the object of meaning for partner she left behind. Seeking refugee in the steely grey concrete fortress estates of inner South East London she finds comfort and acceptance. When her past catches up with her unexpected truths are seen within the morning light.

Status: Post Production 2018

Double Denim: Short Film (2017)

written and produced Anna-MAria Nabirye

Collaborators: CREAtive Genes Collective

Creative Producer: Alex Kendall, Director: Anna-Maria Nabirye


As a keen consumer of fashion and ethical world citizen, the world of the fashion industry has always thrilled and intrigued me. After setting up Ethical Fashion and Make brand AFRORETRO and embarking on a journey of ethical and responsible fashion manufacture, I have learnt about the harsh realities of this worldwide industry, how addicted our society is to it and how integral we find it in telling our personal stories. With this all flowing through my mind combined with working with Theatre Company The Faction on research and developing a one woman show based on the relationship between Medea and her wedding dress. Double Denim was born, in a bid to explore the relationship we have with our clothes and taking this concept to the realms of magic realism. 

Status: in development 2018/2019